Friday, February 22, 2013

The Tucci Cookbook Signing

Stanley Tucci has been in the store many times over the years, but I never thought he would actually sign his cookbook here at Fishs Eddy...not the man who played Julia Child's husband! But now that we’ve all fallen in love with The Tucci Cookbook I understand why he believed that our little restaurant showroom was a fitting place for a Tucci book signing.

You have to read this book! It's his story, about the passion that his family shares for food, their unique history with food, and the togetherness that comes out of making a family dinner. I think Stanley must have felt a connection to the Fishs Eddy family spirit and how much gusto we, too, put into everything we do.

Tucci at FE was a great pairing and the book signing left many Tucci fans feeling very fulfilled, which of course made us very happy!

Worth the wait!

This lady came from Amsterdam!

Our own Savvy Galvin!

Feeling at home with Tucci!

Stanley Tucci & Fishs Eddy helping Food Bank!
Oh yeah, we also have something else in common with Stanley Tucci...our commitment to ending hunger. Just like Stanley donating a portion of the proceeds from his cookbook to Food Bank for New York City, we've donated a portion of the proceeds from the afternoon event, along with our ever popular Food Bank mug

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

They Do!

Boy plots with friends to have his “girl” show up at their favorite store,
Fishs Eddy. Boy pretends to read newspaper until girl arrives.

Girl is surprised to see boy at Fishs Eddy and says what are you doing here.

 Boy says I’m here to tell you something. Boy gets up and asks girl to sit in chair.

Boy gets down on knee and says to girl I love you, will you marry me.

Boy makes girl very happy.

Plotting friends suddenly appear and toast boy and girl.

More than our dishes last a lifetime
Congratulations Allison and Micaiah!