Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Printers Block

Occasionally people get saddled with moody, disobedient, high maintenance dogs or cats or kids. In Sara’s case, it’s a printer. A giant printer in our design studio that has caused so much turmoil here at Fishs Eddy… even almost divorce!
Somehow along the way, Sara got custody.

Sara the Printer Whisperer

This printer is actually in love with Sara. It sits behind her and stares at her all day. It cat calls her and gets jealous when she pays attention to other people, or devices. The printer refuses put out for anyone but Sara.


In fact, the printer can’t do anything without Sara because it has an umbilical chord that extends across the design studio right to Sara’s mac. It’s not that Sara is an enabler, or co-dependent or anything like that. Sara always tries to encourage the printer to grow up… to experience life working for somebody else. But the printer refuses.

Overprotective Sara

I have my own theory about all of this. I think the printer is a total snob. It knows excellence and great design and it refuses to work with anyone except Sara, because Sara is a great designer.

One of Sara's many designs

Unfortunately it seems as though the printer hates me the most. Maybe it’s because I taunt it when Sara is away from her desk, “ya know she has someone else in her life!” and “no one is looking, I could jam you up right now!”

Sara & Ron, the other love in her life

Maybe it’s because the printer thinks I’m going to pollute Sara’s ways and it’s trying to protect her. On top of all her talent, Sara is neat, and organized. Her desk is a reflection of how she works, methodically and creatively…always a perfectionist. My desk looks like it's waiting for FEMA to come by and give it an estimate.

Sara's world, Julie's world

I try to tell the printer it takes all kinds, but it won’t hear of it.
Still, I have to say, our snobby elitist highbrow printer knows a good thing... and so do all the people who love the beautiful work that comes out of Sara’s desk… and printer!

For more of Sara's work visit her blog, Pomme Designs. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Third Wheel

A few weeks ago Dave and Billy were going on and on (and on) about their favorite restaurants on their road trips to the coolest antique places and dish places and barns and factories and blah blah blah I couldn’t take it another second! So, I imposed myself on a Dave/Billy road trip. As you know, I usually stay home to raise Susie.
Well, I usually stay home.

Must. Get. Away. From teenager!

I decided to shake up Dave’s routine by replacing his Led Zeppelin and Foreigner type music with Coffee House radio featuring my all-time favorite songs in acoustic versions.
“We can put your music on when we get to Ohio,” said I.
“Ohio is our final destination!” said Dave.

Billy goes in the Fishs Eddy truck while Dave and I go in our vehicle, an SUV that I’ve named The Boca-mobile. One day color-blind Dave went out to buy us a car that he insists to this day is olive green, but it’s not, its gold like the lobby of my mother’s country club in Boca.

Dave loves to drive and I hate to drive but I need to stay in practice. When I tell Dave I would like to drive for a while he says “I’m not unconscious yet.” 
I drive about five percent of the trip. We listen to Coffee House radio about ninety five percent of the trip.

Cramping Dave's style                                                    Selfie next to Sleepy

After a long day in the car we get to Dave and Billy’s favorite steakhouse. Billy was over an hour behind because of the rain so Dave and I sat down to wait. Dave proceeded to tell me about how he and Billy love the bread and their favorite wine and the crab martini and stuff rolled in bacon and blah blah blah I couldn't take it another second...WHERE IS BILLY!? 

"Save me a dinner roll!" says Billy

We stopped at a bunch of places and got lots of great stuff. Billy found this ginormous bowl that I tweeted “Chris Christie’s cereal bowl” but I took it down because it offended someone.

We didn’t get the Reagan tea pots because the hair patch lid didn't fit and so Reagan was defective.

All these American made dishes inspired me to tweet this.

The trip was all gravy boats from there.

"Thank you for letting me tag along!" says this wheel.